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JobPrep, a Registered Trademark in Ontario, Operates Under The Canadian Company Super Shift Inc.

The Platform JobPrep Aims to Connect Professional Experts with Fresh Graduates, New Immigrants and Job Seekers to Directly Impart Practical Knowledge to Prepare Job Seekers for Their Careers, Focusing on Office Jobs or any Type of Jobs Can be Done within Companies such as IT, HR, Accounting, Financing, Administration, Business and Data Analysis, Estimating, etc.

At The Heart of Our Mission Lies the Commitment to Elevate Opportunities for Experts, Enrich Their Professional Identities, Optimize Their Returns on Investment in Time, and Expertise, and Ultimately Attain Financial and Strategic Gains Through Our Platform.

At The Same Time, We Prioritize the Rapid and Effective Transfer of Applied Know-How to Graduates and Newcomers, Ensuring They are Equipped with The Skills and Insights Needed to Succeed in Today’s Dynamic Job Market.

JobPrep is a leading platform designed to impart Know-How to recent graduates and newcomers preparing to begin their careers within the Canadian labour market.

This includes gaining proficiency in your field of specialization, acquiring the necessary skills and software, and understanding the relevant procedures and steps. After this immersion in practical knowledge, you will have the equivalent of years of experience in a very short time, allowing you to confidently embark on your career path.

Boosting confidence during job interviews and the early stages of your career journey is a natural result after obtaining the required practical knowledge through our experts. 

If you encounter any challenges before or after starting your job, our consulting services are readily available, along with the opportunity to join the professional communities at ConnectedIn and HandelDi for ongoing support and networking.

Through one-on-one live video consultations and comprehensive courses, our team of experts in various jobs helps you get all the essential job details before you start work.


Autonomiser la main-d’œuvre de demain en favorisant une communauté dynamique de partage des connaissances qui fait avancer les carrières et le savoir-faire.


Nous nous engageons à faciliter des liens significatifs entre les talents émergents et les professionnels expérimentés, leur permettant de s'épanouir dans un marché du travail en évolution rapide. Grâce à des consultations, des cours et une communauté professionnelle dynamique, nous visons à fournir les outils et le soutien nécessaires à la réussite professionnelle.








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